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Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Made in Scotland. At home in a Manhattan.

Liberty – the freedom to do things your way was the driving force of the Scottish Enlightenment and is the central tenet of the constitutions of the free world.

Lower East Side 

A smooth, harmonious blend of single malts, initially revealing notes of vanilla and almonds. Round, supple and fruity, this delicious whisky also features a hint of honey and a mild, yet distinctive smokiness. Together these attributes make for a fine characterful liquid, fit for enjoyment no matter where, when or how.


To drink Lower East Side is to celebrate liberty.
And there’s only one way to do this: your way.


Celebrate Liberty

Freedom – humanity’s greatest prize and responsibility – was the driving force of the Scottish Enlightenment and the central tenet of not just the American Constitution. Celebrating these champions of free will is Lower East Side: a smooth, easy drinking Scotch Malt Whisky of real quality.

Lower East Side Whisky

Single Malts from across Scotland, brought together and expertly blended by the whisky-makers at The Borders Distillery. Matured in American Oak casks, the whisky has vanilla, almond, and honey notes, with just a hint of smoke.

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